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'The Story Behind'

Hey you people,

Let’s talk about your old man. We all have this thing with our dads. When you were young, your dad would always tell you what to do. He would always find ways to make sure you knew that he knew what you were up to. Remember the first time you had one too many drinks and desperately tried to hide the fact that you were hungover? Or the first time you felt really attracted to someone and were ashamed to tell anyone? He would simply shoot you one look and you immediately knew he was on to you. And why wouldn’t he? He was young himself once, right?

‘This house is no motel, you know?’ he would grumble from the couch when you and your friends had plundered the liquor cabinet and destroyed half of the furniture for the second time that month. All you were doing was celebrating life; having a good time. It didn’t even really cross your mind that you had to take into account what others might think of it. Essentially, you were just a spoiled brat. Egoistic and focused on living the life you wanted. When looking at old photo albums, you would always choose your own to investigate over and over again. Looking at your dad’s old photo albums? No. Only to laugh at maybe. After all, he was old and boring and merely focused on making sure you knew that he was making the rules in the house.

At least, that’s what you thought then.

By the time you finished school and left the nest, something started to change. You started to think about the carefree days you had living under your parents’ roof. The only thing you had to worry about being what hat you wanted to wear to school that day. How did you even get that hat in the first place? How did you get to where you were at that point? How did you get to be the person you were that day? And that made you think about your dad again. About all his so-called well-meant advice; his endless rants about your unthankful behavior. ‘Holy shit’, you thought, ‘he was right all along.’ He was trying to protect you. Trying to advice you on things he himself had been through a hundred times before. As your amount of respect for him began to grow then, you started to see the bigger picture. He was just trying to do his best. He was just trying to give you the best he could. To give you the guitar that you wanted so badly when you were 14. Or to give you that shirt you so desperately wanted to impress that crush you liked. The doors of perception opened up a little more and let through the image of your dad’s real intentions at the time. He was just as focused on giving you the best time possible as you were yourself.

And since we now really know our dads, we cannot be anything other than their biggest fans. Now, instead of looking at our own photo albums, we endlessly flip through our dad’s. Lingering on about how life must have been at the time. Wishing you were there with him, joining your old man in growing moustaches, wearing funky trousers and drinking beers. Looking at him as a young man, makes you think of yourself now. And in the end, you realize that you’re not so different after all.

This is a shout-out to all the dads for being awesome. Of course, they all have their quirks, but that’s what makes them who they are. Just be proud of your dads and be proud of yourself. Because not only are you your father’s biggest fan, he is your biggest fan too. 

Cheers to that,

Team berno®