6. DDDaniel

Daniel Daringer - the illustrator behind 'DDDaniel'

DDDaniel is a design project owned by 24-year old Daniel Daringer, an illustrator and graphic designer from Mayrhofen, Austria.

Daniel's style is best described, in his own words, as a "children's coloring book on acid". You can be sure of one thing, you won't find any pastel shades in any of his work; bright neons are his colors of choice.

Daniel wants us to forget all the stressful moments we can sometimes experience in life and slap a smile on our faces. A constant reminder to us that life should never be taken too seriously. So get ready to take a dive into a colorful universe filled with funny animals, eccentric characters (just like dad).

Website: DDDaniel


DDDaniel polaroid collectionDDDaniel polaroid collectionDDDaniel polaroid collectionDDDaniel polaroid collectionDDDaniel polaroid collectionDDDaniel polaroid collection

5. VDL (voor de leuk)

Margot ten Bok - the writer behind 'voor de leuk'

Meet Margot ten Bok, the artist behind the pseudonym "voor de leuk". The English translation would be "just for fun", and however modest she may portray herself, her poetry is inpeccably written.

Margot picked up her pen and notepad at the age of 9. Her writing repertoire is versatile and she writes about topics such as love, hangovers, or even friendship. She also enjoys adding more serious matters to her poetry, be it philosophical or social but always with a little lightness.

"I just write about things that cross my mind" is what she would say.

Margot's style is playful, witty but above all, honest. She has the ability to write about a mundane topic and make you laugh, or think. All this can be mirrored in the little poems she wrote for us about dads while growing up. She highlights all the lovable moments but also the fun that hey brought along. Who can't remember dad fixing your bike every week over and over?

Website: Voor de leuk


Voor de leukVoor de leukVoor de leukVoor de leukVoor de leukVDL

4. Electric Carp

Nick Bartolucci is a freelance art director from London, UK where he lives with his two children. He was born in Italy and moved to the UK when he was 15 years old.

Being a father himself, this new collaboration has an extra special significance to us as dad's are and have always been at the heart our brand's story.

These designs will serve as keepsakes of all the fond memories you've collected over the years spent with dad. Who can't forget that one time he took you out fishing for the first time, or driving for hours being forced to listen to dad's tunes on repeat? Let's be honest, they are now your all-time favorite!

Website: Electric Carp


Electric CarpBarracudaElectric Carp


Dafid Mafudin
Dafid Mafudin, better known as Krebonson, is an artist from Central Java, Indonesia. He studied at the Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Surakarta where he majored in art and design.

Krebonson draws his inspiration from elements around him such as culture, music or street art. When it comes to designing, he likes old school cartoon characteristics, and using classic layout composition styles. Street art and graffiti are two fundamentals in Krebonson’s creative world and tries to incorporate them as much as he can in his designs.

This brand-new collection combines iconic and colorful features of street art while keeping an emphasis on quirky depictions about dads.


Instagram: @krebonson


Krebonson CollectionKrebonson CollectionKrebonson CollectionKrebonson Collection

2. Marlot

Marlot de Vries is a Dutch illustrator – she works as a freelancer, jumping from the cosy streets of Amsterdam to the warm vibrant Palma de Mallorca.

Marlot majored in Communication Design at Minerva Academy and decided to follow the path of entrepreneurship, adding various inspiring projects to her portfolio. Her craft is distinguishable by colourful, off the wall, and often nostalgic designs: the perfect ingredients to blend with our streetwear.

The Berno x Marlot collaboration is a summer inspired collection which mixes bright playful colors and retro prints. Berno’s homage to dads lingers on, putting them at the centre of each designs in the collection. Every shirt has a different story to tell. Go check ‘em out and see if you can recognize all the little anecdotes which are depicted

Website: Marlot de Vries


1. Lien's Atelier

Eline Keuning

Eline Keuning is a Dutch artist based in Groningen. From a very young age, she has always been blessed with an eye for detail; a talent she has maintained and polished over the years. Eline's illustrations celebrate the beauty of the female form in all its gracefulness by using soft colours and tones. With the elegance of lines and round shapes, Eline transports you into a world of minimalistic artistry.

A few months ago, a collaboration was born where the subtlety of Eline's art and berno's modern streetwear blend perfectly. You can now shop this new collection online - but make sure to get your hands on your shirt fast, there are only a limited amount of items available!

Website: Lien's Atelier